Goat shed or housing plays important role in any successful commercial goat farming. Based on number of goats, you should plan for goat housing. If you want to start with low numbers of goat and wants to invest less initially, there is an option for going to construct a simple goat shed. For commercial goat farming business, one must know how to build goat housing. Goat shed is required for security to protect goats from unwanted predators (such as wild dogs, wolfs and snakes), unpredictable weather conditions and to provide shelter in night times. After planning on number of goats to be raised, you can get an idea on shed dimensions or size which can have both covered area and open area. Cost of goat shed construction depends on many factors like number of goats, space allocated for feed storage, and type of rearing like zero grazing (stall feeding) or open field grazing (where they require only night shelter). In the following write-up, let us talk about goat housing.

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